In an effort to stress out a bit less at work than is often the norm on a Monday at an intermediate school filled with 800+ 5th and 6th graders, I gave myself permission to have my car washed on my lunch break today. I picked up a copy of Experience Life Magazine to browse through while I waited for the Trailblazer to be relieved of its numerous layers of road crud. I enjoyed what I read enough to look up the website later and discovered an article titled Being Healthy is a Revolution. Basically the premise of the article is that our nation is in a health crisis over which we have much more control than we as a whole are currently willing to exercise. (Interesting that being willing to exercise responsibility for ourselves and our health begins with being willing to exercise our bodies!)

While the rather lengthy article was full of dismal statistics regarding the nation’s health crisis, it also contained more than a little inspiration… “It (getting healthy) can be done, and there’s nothing more worth doing. Because when you change your health, you change your life, and the lives of everyone around you, for the better. You free yourself up to be, do and share so much more than you otherwise could. You experience more energy, positivity and exhilaration. You naturally become more inspired and empowered to give your best gifts — the ones the world needs most right now.”

I love that! And I am grateful to be in a position to currently live that! And I know this for sure — if I can do this, you can to! Several folks lately have commented to me that they couldn’t possibly eat the way I eat or exercise the way I exercise. Really?! I am completely convinced that YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!! You can become a healthier, happier version of you. If you want me to, I’ll even help! 🙂

Peace, Love, and Clean Living (in clean cars),


6 comments on “Working at the Car Wash (Sing it with me!)

    1. Jeanye Post author

      Love you, J2! Thank you for being the president of my fan club. 🙂

  1. T

    You inspire me everyday. Thank you for all of your guidance and wisdom.

    1. Jeanye Post author

      Right back atcha, T-Dawg! Your energy and enthusiasm have pulled me through many a wod!

  2. Chris Biles

    Proud. I’m just so proud of you and all you do. You’re changing lives everywhere you go!

    1. Jeanye Post author

      Thank you very much, Coach. Your confidence means the world to me!

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