For me those are exciting words – full of possibility. Words which most assuredly move me towards something more positive than what I am currently experiencing. Those very words motivated me a few months ago to change the way I eat. What a fun adventure that has become!

I’ve discovered, however, that for many folks those words are just plain scary! Tonight I enjoyed an evening spent with a group of ten courageous folks who are committing for the next six weeks to try something new. Something that has great potential to change their lives for the better. These folks are part of BFC Bootcamp‘s Lean Turkey Challenge.

You’re in good hands. Chris and Amy will take good care of you. But the work and the reward will be yours! I applaud each and every one of you for taking that step of faith – faith in yourself, faith in the process of health and wellness, and faith in the possibility that

Go forth and be lean, Turkeys!


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  1. amy

    So love your thoughts! Your blog looks great. I really enjoy what comes out of your brain!

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