My beautiful daughter-in-love, Melissa, is a great decorator and seamstress. She gifted me yesterday by giving my master bedroom a facelift. I LOVE it! I knew it would be beautiful. I knew I had been wanting something new. What I didn’t know is how much it would inspire me. and delight me. and simply make me feel joyful.

On my walk this morning I was thinking about the surprise of inspiration. For much of my life I thought life was about having answers. The right answers. And then making sure I let everyone in on what the right answers were. It’s the evangelist in me! And while there is nothing wrong with sharing answers, it’s vitally important to realize that the answers are only right for me, at this particular time, in this particular place. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are THE Complete, Unabridged Volume of Right Answers – for me or for you.

This leads me to today’s question. “What inspires you?” My answers are, “It depends,” and “I don’t know.” One of my favorite inspiration memories is being invited to a live performance of Les Miserables. The split second that the orchestra began playing, I began crying. Joyful tears. Grateful tears. Tears of shared inspiration. I dare say I was not the only one moved by the performance. By the energy. By the talents and gifts being shared and relished and treasured. What a lovely surprise and feeling of inspiration. If one had asked me previous to this experience about what inspires me, the list would have been incomplete. If I had turned down the opportunity because it was not on my inspiration or joy-enhancing radar, I would never have known that particular moment of delight. I had to open myself to the experience and the inspiration that followed.

There are many questions in life with which we struggle. What is my purpose? What should I be when I grow up? What  if? Why? Why not? Why me? Flats or heels? Now or later? As long as I am convinced that there is one right answer and if only I could find it my life would become complete, I’m likely to struggle. I might even suffer. At the very least I will miss out on the gift of being open to the surprises that come my way.

Imagine being invited to a grand and glorious butterfly release in which you are guaranteed that at least one of these gorgeous creatures will light on you and invite you to share in the wonder. But you decline because you’re not at all sure the exact right one will come your way.

Now instead, imagine being open to all the grandeur and glory that life has to offer. The inspiration you desire is desiring you. A wonderful new friend said it like this, “It’s right there in the grace where you live.” How’s that for surprising inspiration?

Peace, love and inspiration!


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