life is messy tagFor the past few years, I’ve chosen a word as an inspiration. A focus. A mantra. This is not an original idea. Several of the gals whose facebook pages and blogs I follow had the idea way before I did. I’m grateful for their inspiration.

I choose the word mostly for fun. I enjoy discovering what the word comes to mean to me throughout a given year. But I also choose to believe in the power of positively focusing my thoughts. If we’re going to think anyway, why not make it count? This year’s word is SHINE! I chose the word in early December, I think. And then, as you know, life got messy. And shining seemed nigh on to impossible.

But life continues and we shine anyway – because the source of the light is greater than any mess we can make or that life can throw our way. I am eternally grateful for the true light of pure love made available to us all through the Grace of God. Grace keeps our lamps lit, our lanterns burning brightly and our hearts glowing even through the darkest nights. What a gift. Thank you, Grace.

Life is messy. Shine anyway.









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