“I am overwhelmed by the grace and persistence of my people.” Maya Angelou

Maya likely was not referring to her BFC/CFW peeps in this quote. 🙂 But it so fits! This time next week Phillip and I will have completed our CrossFit Level 1 Certification course. The possibility of that being true is completely surreal to me.

See, I know all about the non-athletic, uncoordinated, overweight, disconnected-from-her-body Jeanye of years past. She sneaks out and lets her opinion of me be known from time to time. I have no doubt she has postive intentions. She doesn’t want me to get hurt, or embarrassed, or to impose myself somewhere I don’t belong. Really, she means well. And for that, I thank her.

However, the new me – the me Jenna calls “a bad ass mad dog Crossfitter” (my mom would never let me say that!) – has signed up (and paid big bucks) for this certification and plans on getting all she can from it! Isn’t that amazing and exciting?

What’s most amazing and exciting to me is this: If Jeanye Mercer can find her inner athlete, YOU CAN, TOO! I would never have done it, though, without the grace and persistence of MY people. And that  includes ALL my people, some who CrossFit and some who don’t. I am blessed beyond abundance with family and friends (and freaks) and coworkers and students who add so much to my days. I am loved. I am loving life!

And I’m gonna be a bad ass mad dog CrossFit Trainer! (Sorry for the language, Mom.)

Peace, Love and CrossFit Certs!

Jeanye aka Mad Dog

6 comments on “Me? a trainer? are you serious?

  1. Trisha

    You are so loved and such a bad ass! I love being on this ride with you. Can’t wait to see where crossfit takes you next.

  2. Chris Biles

    Maybe we should say that CFW “unleashes the inner athlete”. You are an amazing athlete that looks awesome!

  3. Amy

    You are so motivating!! I’m so excited about your Cert I’m going to pee!! Really enjoying your blog!! Thank you for sharing.

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