My mom tells the story of me coming home from 1st grade one afternoon in tears. She asked (very lovingly I’m sure), “What’s wrong this time?” I sobbed my reply (with a bit of drama for effect), “They just don’t love Jesus.”  – Seems I’ve always had a little evangelist in me.

Over the years I’ve learned (and relearned) that not everyone is happy to hear what I’m preaching. That can put a damper on an evangelist’s spirit, I’m here to tell you!  At first it simply came as a surprise. I would learn something new and fascinating about how our brain works or how kids learn best or a new parenting technique or how to make carrot juice and be so excited to share. I would think to myself, “Surely folks will be as excited about this as I am. It’s made such a difference in my life. I just know folks will thank me for sharing this with them.” Yea, well, not so much.

Truth is, lots of folks are A-Ok with less than stellar living. Just getting by instead of thriving. Living with mediocrity instead of enthusiasm. Using worn out patterns of behavior getting worn out results over and over again. — And that’s ok. For some. I guess.

My latest revival theme is this: Love You. Love Your Food. Like many folks, I’ve spent years anguishing over how much of what to eat and when to eat it. I’ve counted calories. I’ve counted carbs. I’ve counted points. I’ve counted pounds. And I’ve counted myself a failure when none of these systems or plans worked.

Thanks to CFW and Whole9, I began to consider other options. What if instead of beating myself up I decided to accept myself exactly as I am? And what if that resulted in a desire to take really great care of myself? And in turn, that motivated me to exercise HARD and eat LOTS of great food? Would that make a difference? It would indeed make what I call the difference that makes the difference!

And so the evangelist within me has been renewed. Even though most folks aren’t ready to listen, I can’t not talk about eating real food. I can’t not post on facebook about making it through a killer wod. And I can’t not share the message of accepting yourself and celebrating being you. It all fits together for me. Will people listen and get it? Some will. Some won’t. So what.

I am grateful for a group of gals and guys at CrossFit Waxahachie who have given me a platform – a pulpit, if you will – from which to share this amazingly simply, yet powerful bit of truth. If you eat real food and exercise real hard and have lots of fun, you will look, feel and BE a better you.

I am so proud of our current Whole30-ers. We have 17 official participants, and I know that many spouses and friends are following your lead.  You’re spreading the word and changing lives! Way to go, friends!

I can hardly wait to hear about the ways your life and health and well-being are being impacted by your commitment.

Love You. Love Your Food.


Food Evangelist. Life Coach. Mad Dog CrossFitter.

8 comments on “Love You. Love Your Food.

  1. Patricia

    Mad Dog,
    Thanks so much for your preaching & support. You are helping make a difference in so many lives. We love you.

  2. amy

    I do love you. I love your food too 🙂
    Thank you J1 for helping me and all of us “leaners”

  3. brittharper

    GEEZ I’m so blessed to have you in my life!! Keep motivationally shouting this stuff from the roof tops!

  4. Destinee Rudd

    I needed to read this this morning! You are inspiring!

  5. Tractor

    And Jesus fed 5000 so food evangelist works………….

  6. Reba

    You truly are an inspiration to all of us!! Thanks for all your words of encouragement for all of us!

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