Imagine Yourself Healthier Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Now imagine a book designed to help you do just that! It Starts with Food  is that book. Written by our good friends and nutrition partners, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig of Whole9,  It Starts with Food  will take you from science to skillet, leading you every step of the way as you begin the work of transforming your life beginning with what goes on your plate.

It Starts with Food melds the science of how our body is designed to work in digesting our food and maintaining and repairing its many functions with the practical tools for providing ourselves optimal nutrition. Combining scientific research with clinical experience and self-experimentation,  It Starts with Food   focuses on food’s role in “making us, here and now, more or less healthy.” The science-y information is made accessible with Dallas and Melissa’s genius use of original analogies. (Find out how our bodies are like an exclusive members-only nightclub and our immune systems are a team of firefighters!) The practical info includes their signature Whole30 program, an elimination and self-awareness tool to get you started, as well as strategies for long-term success. Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make the Girl and Well Fed fame, collaborates with Dallas and Melissa on the book’s Meal Map which will give you an abundance of meal ideas to  keep you nourished with food that makes you more healthy and vibrantly alive. While the Hartwig’s offer the option of skipping over the whys of the program and moving straight to the hows, I highly recommend reading every single word. Only when we begin to understand our nutrition needs based on more than calories and weight management will we see the true benefits and necessities of choosing wisely the foods we eat and drink.

Each of us has a relationship with food. For many of us that relationship has been dysfunctional for far too long. Let It Starts with Food help you begin to heal that relationship as you become healthier than you ever thought possible.

Peace, Love and Fabulous Food,


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  1. Anne

    I’ve been searching for some new inspiration. This book may be just what I need.

    1. Jeanye Post author

      Anne, It’s definitely full of inspiration! Pre order your copy now! 🙂

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