“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Check!

I did enough scary things this weekend to last me for quite some time. Phillip asked me what my favorite part of the weekend was. Hard question! It was all amazing. And scary. And fun. And intense. And energizing. And exhausting. And humbling. And empowering.

One of my favorite experiences was the pull-up clinic. Did I get a pull-up? Not even close! Did I expand the margins of my experience? You bet I did! Did I learn something? Heck to the yea! Did I workout next to 66 other CrossFitters – 64 of whom are younger than me by years? Yep! Did I surprise a few folks by hanging tough through FRAN? I sure did! Did I do it all while staying comfortable in my own skin (which is noticeably different than just staying comfortable)? YES!!!

Therein lies the miracle and magic of CrossFit!

Let’s do it again tomorrow!!

Peace, Love and Pull-Ups!


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