Typically when we begin a new eating and/or fitness routine, we focus on losing something – pounds, chins, muffin tops, etc… What if we focused instead on what we gain? Here’s a list of a few of my favorite additions since being introduced to CrossFit and Paleo eating back in June 2009:

I have made new friends, many of whom will be friends for life. Sharing blood, sweat, tears, puke and nervous pee will bond a group in a hurry!

I have met fascinating people. This weekend I spent time with Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Urban from Whole 9. And I met Melissa Joulwan who writes the sassy blog, The Clothes Make the Girl. How insanely fun is it that what we all chose to do on a cold and rainy Sunday was to meet in Houston in an unheated warehouse to talk about healthy eating?!

I have healed my relationship with food! Actually, my relationship with food has been healed, but I really didn’t DO it. I think I just learned to let it happen. (That’s huge!)

 I enjoy cooking! (See previous post for details.)

I have some cute new clothes in smaller sizes.

I have strength and stamina and courage and endurance and confidence. And as of tonight’s WOD – 10 strung double unders. 🙂 Who doesn’t want some of that?

I have a new level of respect from my kids. They think I’m crazy – in a good way!

I have fallen in love with Superman all over again. We share this passion for fitness and health and well-being. We workout together several times each week – celebrating our accomplishments, our efforts, our lives! We talk about paleo eating and about who else we talked to about paleo eating. We plan our calendar around workouts and dinner with our Freaks. We love our country drive to Burgundy Pasture Beef where we stock up on protein. (Go on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and have a burger from their grill. Best burger ever!) We are grateful for the new energy that has infused our 25 year marriage.

What have I lost? Who cares? My cup overfloweth!

Peace, Love and Gratitude,


5 comments on “How much have I gained?

  1. Melissa & Dallas, W9

    Jeanye, what a great post! These are some valuable “lessons learned”, we’re just proud to have played a small part in your recent accomplishments.

    Melissa & Dallas

  2. Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan

    This is an AWESOME post. I la-la-love the idea of recognizing the wins instead of focusing on “losses.” And good on your for starting a new relationship with food. I feel like the Whole30 has really helped me do that, too, and it’s such a feeling of freedom. XO

  3. Dayna

    Love it!!! It is amazing how shifting your focus/perspective changes everything.

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