Where would we be without Hope? Our family has a personal connection to that word…Hope. It’s much more to us than just a word or a concept. It’s a piece of our family.

We lost our Hope, Jaclyn Hope Mercer, on March 15, 1991. She was stillborn at full term. She was a beauty. And our hearts were broken. My Dad, Jaclyn’s Poppy, wrote about the brief time we were given to love on her with these words, “We did have unparalleled blessing from that fleeting moment – the blessing of holding our beloved Jaclyn Hope. Each of us, silently, privately… even desparately… longed for her to open her eyes. All of our senses cried out that this serene little girl was only sleeping, and if she would just wake up, everything would be all right. But it was not to be. And when the time came … as the time had to come… that she was taken from our arms, we ached more deeply inside than we imagined possible. “Just another minute,” we pleaded. “Just another hour…Just another day… please, Just a lifetime.” Surely the strength of our very will could return her to us. But no. It could not be.”

How did our hope survive the loss of our Hope? In the early days, a breath at a time. My Mom stayed with us for a few days after her birth/death. I remember – even almost 20 years later – the distinct feeling that as long as Mom was here breathing with me, I could be reminded to breathe in and breathe out. Our family and our friends supported us and loved us through that dark time. So many have been respectful and kind enough to remember her birthday for many years, and to honor us with their words of encouragement. For that I am deeply and humbly grateful.

Alone we would not have survived.

But together we have thrived!

So we were honored and privileged this weekend to take part in an event for Hope.  For where would any of us be without Hope?

Peace, Love and Hope,


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  1. Sissy

    Everything we do is with Hope and for Hope.

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