Focus is a good thing. Right? It’s one of the most important pieces of reaching any goal. Right?

Here’s the rub. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves so completely focused on our goal that we inadvertently miss out on little accomplishments along the way.

We can also miss out on obstacles that could easily have been avoided if we weren’t so intently focused. Then, WHAM, out of nowhere, we’re knocked off-balance and aren’t sure quite how to regain our equilibrium.

How do I know this to be true? The goose egg on my forehead told me so!

How did that happen? Glad you asked.

So I’m working on my squat wod. 5-5-5-5-5 And I decide I need some chalk for my grip. So I walk across the box, find the chalk and begin walking back towards my bar. I’m focused. Right? Right! I’m focused on finding that one small piece of chalk in the bucket that fits my hands just right. I’m so focused on that one task that I shut everything else out of my mind – and my line of sight. Until, WHAM, I run smack into someone else’s bar that was left on a squat rack from a previous wod. (It’s ok to laugh. I did. Phillip did. Everyone else in the box last night did, too.)

Focus is good. So is paying attention!

I just love it when life teaches me a lesson AND I get a blog post out of the experience as well!

Peace, Love and Goose Eggs!


2 comments on “Focus Wisely

  1. Tractor

    Wow. That is a Tractor story. I wish i could have a gym tatoo like that. I am usually the one that gets the goose egg. Sorry it had to be my friend Jeanye but what a cool story. If you aren’t marked up, you ain’t working.

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