Years ago I had a college assignment in which I was asked to describe my relationship with my parents. (Psychology professors love that kinda stuff!) One question in particular was “How would your father describe you?” So I asked him.

My Daddy thinks I’m effervescent. In particular he described me as being not unlike the sprinklers in the produce section which periodically freshen their surroundings. (My Dad is a writer.) Now here’s the deal. I may or may not be effervescent. I may or may not freshen my surroundings and my friends with my presence. I may simply emit small bubbles of gas – another less flattering definition of the same word. But that doesn’t really even matter.

What matters is that I have the kind of Dad who thinks I’m swell! I have never for a single moment of my existence doubted the love of my Daddy. Let me tell you folks. That’s a big deal. That changes who a person is. It increases confidence. It allows trust. Daddy taught me what a loving Father is all about. He also taught me about my heavenly Father. Quite a legacy.

 I work with kids (and grown ups) everyday who don’t have that gift. Somedays I let myself get down about that. But on good days I remember that because I have the unconditional, overwhelmingly positive love of my mom and dad, I am more well equipped to freshen the lives of those kiddos than I might be otherwise. I can share that same kind of love with them because I have experienced that love.

That, my friends, is something to be thankful for.

Peace, Love, and Daddy,


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