Day 20 of 42 on All Paleo All the Time!

This has really been fun! Phillip has joined me on the Paleo adventure. and he’s seeing fabulous results. Who knew Superman could get any super-er?

I have folks at work asking for my support. Can you believe that? They’re asking me to talk to them about eating well! They don’t know I LOVE to talk about this stuff!! I’ll have to watch for signs of them zoning out on me as I drone on and on about insulin and glucogan and Omega 3 vs Omega 6… Maybe I’ll stick with the basics for now.

My practice talk:

Eat high quality lean meats. Lots of veggies. Some fruit. Nuts and seeds. High quality fats. (Details here.)

Heal your relationship with food!


Be amazed and astonished at what your body wants to do for you!


Peace, love and spreading the word!


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  1. Amy

    So so good!!!! I love this. Speaks directly to me. Heal my relationship with food. Thank u J1!

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