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I recently returned to CrossFit Waxahachie after an 8 month break. The decision to step away from the box for a while was a difficult one, but completely necessary for my well-being. I made the choice based on several pieces of information related to my health, but more importantly I made it because of what I was hearing from my body. And my heart. And my soul.

Here’s what I knew:

I. Needed. Rest. Lots of rest. I had symptoms that indicated a beat down adrenal system. I can remember the specific workout in which I instinctively knew I had emptied my reservoir. Completely. But I didn’t listen. I kept right on going because that’s what CrossFitters do! (It’s important to note that I do not believe that CrossFit caused my adrenal fatigue. However, it became clear that continuing to train in the manner in which I was training was ill-advised and just plain crazy if I wanted to heal.)

I wanted to heal. I wanted to feel better. I knew that healing meant being willing to give up something that I truly loved. For a while.

Here’s what I did:

I rested. I cleaned up my diet. I redirected my shifting energy towards new learning and workshops and certifications and life coaching. I practiced gratitude. I said and thought kind things to myself. I rested some more.

I followed this simple rule about exercise: I had to get more from it than I gave. If that meant a walk in the park or a ride on my bike or some yin yoga, then that’s what I chose.

I rested some more. I laughed. I played. I sang. I recovered. I healed.

I returned to CrossFit only when my body and my heart and my soul were ready at the same time. That, my friends, takes more courage and compassion than you might imagine.

Here’s what I learned:

Rest is essential.

Rest. Is. Essential. Exhaustion is not a badge of honor.

I love me and my health even more than I love CrossFit. 🙂

Most importantly, I learned that the willingness to listen to ourselves takes extraordinary courage, and the commitment to take action (or non-action as the case may be) requires a continuous practice of self-compassion and self-care. Our bodies are always willing to communicate with us. And when we listen and respond with kindness, the results are incredibly positive.

Here’s to Wholehearted Wellness!


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