Coaching is a profession of love.You can’t coach people

unless you love them. — Eddie Robinson

It’s no secret. I’m Chris’s favorite. He likes me the best. Totally.

Just kidding! Sort of. The thing is there’s something about Chris that lets each of us believe we are his favorite. When each of us makes our way into the box, we know that he has programmed with us in mind – the best version of us. As we make our way through the wod, he believes we can do it. He knows we can do it. He somehow gets us to believe we can do it. And we do it!

More importantly, when we make our way out of the box and into our regular life, he knows we can do that, too. He knows that the magic of what we do penetrates deeply within each of us – to our core; that transformation from the inside out allows us to move through our life with more purpose and energy and passion and commitment than ever before. He knows we can make a difference.

Chris, you make a difference. The gift that you have given to me by being you and by bringing out the best in me is more valuable and appreciated than my words can express. Thank you for sharing your passion for health and wellness and strength and perseverance and family and community and spirit. Thank you for creating a space in my world where I am uplifted and valued and encouraged and respected and applauded and loved. And where I can get my panties in a wod!

It’s no secret. Chris is my favorite. I like him the best. Totally.

Peace, Love, and More Love,


5 comments on “ChrisFit Waxahachie

  1. Amy

    Very perfectly written and expressed! I love you both and just would not be where I am without either of u guys. Thank u for sharing J1!

  2. Chris Biles

    “The thing is there’s something about Chris that lets each of us believe we are his favorite.”

    I heard that this past weekend about my dad. I guess I’m kinda like him.

    I’m humbled, honored and proud to coach you guys. I love, love, love CFW and all of you guys! Thank you.

    It’s true, J1- you are my favorite. Just don’t tell anyone 🙂

  3. Laura


    You are so right in pointing that out…that is a gift that Chris’s dad had (I was the favorite 🙂 ) and that he has as well.

    And yes, you can be the favorite too 😉 It just works so well that way.

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