DW_HeavyQuoteImages5I have a great day job. As an elementary school counselor, I create and facilitate lessons for 600+ kiddos on subjects of character, kindness, respect… The good stuff. We sing together, we read books, we draw and color and cut, and always, always have fun. The process is as important – if not more so – than the content. I am acutely aware that I have opportunity after opportunity to model what I am attempting to teach, and that the experience of being respected, heard, and seen by a loving adult is an all too uncommon occurrence for some of my students.

My favorite part of every lesson is what we call “practicing our manners.” I make my way around the room – usually passing out something fun to draw, color, and cut. I stop at each student, give them my undivided attention, have him/her look in my eyes and say “thank you,” and then look back into his/her eyes and say, “You’re welcome.” The kids love it. All the kids – kinder through 4th grade. We make it a big deal. A ritual of sorts. I love it.

I also have a great part-time job/passion/hobby/adventure facilitating small groups through a curriculum called The Daring Way™ created by Brené Brown. There are many similarities to this group process and my guidance lessons. We use music, stories, metaphor, and art to see ourselves in a new way, and to allow ourselves to be seen. Truly. Deeply Seen. And we have fun!

There’s a growing tribe of folks passionate about embracing our imperfections, realizing we are enough, letting go of crazy-busy, cultivating gratitude and  joy and so much more! (Oprah’s even on the bandwagon, hosting an art journaling ecourse with Brené.) Exploring and experiencing these ideas with others can be scary and fun and exhilarating and frightening and painful, yet healing all at the same time. Courage is being scared and showing up anyway!

Here’s what a couple of previous participants have said about the process: “The experience allows you to process the hard issues in life while being completely loved on. The environment  is full of grace, hope and forgiveness. I learned valuable tools to become truly at ease with who I am now and always.” and “I want to thank you for providing an open and loving atmosphere for your small group experience. Your thoughtful words have created a cradle of gentleness where I can lay down my tender heart. With your guidance, I am becoming the person I have always dreamed of being. I love you, and I thank you.”

The next opportunity to grow and play and learn is during our Wholehearted Weekend – January 24-26. Consider giving yourself the gift of discovering how big your brave really is! I would be honored to make the journey with you. I look forward to connecting.



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