A few weeks back, a group of BFC gals left early on a Sunday morning for a road trip to OK City. We drove 4 hours one way for an 8 hour nutrition seminar and drove 4 hours back. It was a long day, but it was well worth our time. We spent the day with Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Urban of Whole 9 Life. Dallas and Melissa are two of the most beautiful people on the planet. Seriously. And also two of the most passionate folks there are about eating to benefit your body – and your being.

Melissa used the phrase “as you have capacity” several times during the presentation. That phrase resonated within me that day and has stayed with me ever since. For me it was yet another reminder that eating well is a process. Each time I dedicate myself to a sustained period of eating super squeaky clean, I find that I have a bit more capacity to allow the process to unfold.

We are on the last leg (Get it? Turkey leg?) of our lean turkey challenge. Phillip and I have had capacity during this challenge to purchase grass fed meats. What a difference that has made. I also had the capacity (because I’m completely spoiled by Superman’s grocery shopping and cooking) to take my breakfast and lunch to work virtually every day. I’ve cooked much more than I am accustomed to, and have made several new recipes. It’s been a good time. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on this healthy/Paleo/clean eating thing. I can totally do this!

But what about my training? I become a bit discouraged from time to time about how long it seems to take to notice improvement. I struggle with my concept of what I “should” be able to do. I compare myself with the others in my workout group. (As a side note, that is a really BAD strategy! Perhaps even the topic for a whole nother post.) And then the discouragement grows and begins to seep into more than just my opinion of me as a crossfitter, but me as a person.  Seriously?!

It’s definitely time for a reframe. What is it that I’ve learned in my nutrition journey that I could apply to my crossfit adventure? Might it be ok to wod for the pleasure of it? What about disconnecting results (times and weights and rounds) from the process – or at least from the judgment of the outcome of the process? Do I discount what I can do based on what I do not currently have the capacity to do? That could be quite discouraging. Trust me.

Thankfully, I do have capacity to change how I am thinking about and experiencing this process. We all have that capacity. Learning to use it is the trick.

So here is my reframe, borrowed in part from something I’ve read along the way.

CrossFit for the pleasure of it, and you won’t have difficulty with motivation. Enjoy eating clean, for deprivation leads to excess. And be glad for your body despite its imperfections, because it has many more exceptional qualities, one of which is it can string 8 double unders. (and counting)

Peace, Love and Capacity,


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  1. Amy

    Very well said. Beautifully inspiring to just “be”.

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