Articles for June 2017

To Market, To Market

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Here’s what I have to say about the experience of having my art displayed at the World Trade Center of Dallas…

Wow! That place is immense and filled with every manner of ware one might imagine. Once I navigated parking and hiking to the sign-in desk, I began the task of finding Madi Kay Designs‘ booth. On the way, I passed expansive storefronts displaying aisle after aisle of crystal chandeliers, holiday ornaments, silk flowers, pillows ($300 wholesale throw pillows!), home decor, children’s products, clothing, jewelry, … It was “stuff” overload, for sure!

I made a couple of wrong turns, not knowing for sure where I was or where I was going, but I managed to fumble my way to the 6th floor of the World Trade Center (not to be confused with the atrium floors in the same building) and find the correct booth. Britany greeted me and showed me the display. Several pieces of my art, printed onto beautiful birch and tin signs were displayed and accompanied by their stories. I was overwhelmed, really. Gratitude. Humility. Excitement. Vulnerability. Pride. Disbelief.

It was the stories that did me in. Yes, I had contributed the stories. Yes, I knew they were to be displayed. However, knowing and experiencing are never quite the same. The experience was at first unsettling, not unlike those common dreams of being somewhere without one’s clothing and having to make one’s way across a large open area before finding a safe place – and one’s clothing! I read the stories in an effort to orient myself; I cried happy tears; I took some pics; I giggled. 🙂

The rest of the day was mostly about observing. I people watched. I struck up conversations with a few strangers. I showed off my display feeling a bit like a Kindergarten student during open house showing off her macaroni art. Look what I made!  And honestly, I was ok with that. I let myself be silly and playful and excited and in awe of the happenings of the day.

I left that afternoon knowing a couple of things for sure:

  • I was brave! It took a boatload of courage to share my art and my stories, and I did it!
  • I’m grateful for my day job. I don’t want to ask my art to support me. My art agrees. If we can play together and perhaps share a few pieces with a few folks, that will be more than enough. And if she and I simply continue to play together, that, too, will be enough.

Thanks for listening!

Peace, love and art,


I Have No Idea

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I have a specific memory of a hot day in August 2006. We had returned home from Texas A&M after delivering our 17 year old daughter to begin her freshman year of college. Thankfully, her brother was already there, and they would be living together. Somehow that relieved a bit of my angst. Anyway, like I was saying… It was a hot day in August, we returned home to a rent house where we were living while Phillip built dream home #3, and I decided to go for a run/walk. On that run/walk I decided to train for a marathon. I didn’t decide to think about it. I decided to do it.

You need to know I was not a runner. Not even close. And I never became a runner. Not in the sense that running is fast and competitive (and graceful). What I became was a finisher. My race plan was simple. Finish the same day you start and have fun. I did it! I have the medal to prove it…. And while I never intend to run another, I gained a measure of confidence through that experience that has served me well.

The latest such adventure is having said YES! when asked by Britany Kutch, owner of Madi Kay designs, “Would you be ok with me taking some of your art to Dallas Market in June?” Hello, dream I never dared dream!

I’ve been afraid to tell you about this for a couple of reasons. One is I’m not really an artist. I’m just a part-time creator of fun stuff. And, I have no idea what it really means that some of my art will be at the Dallas World Trade Center tomorrow. I know that Britany has chosen some of her favorite pieces, has printed them on tin and birch wood, and has displayed them in her booth. I know they will be available for retailers to order from Madi Kay Designs. What I don’t know is if anyone will like them. How scary is that?!

Here’s the deal. I have no control of the outcome, AND the outcome is not about my worth as an artist/creator of fun stuff or a human! Yes, I will be excited if something sells. Yes, I will be disappointed if it doesn’t. But either way, I’m grateful for the opportunity to flex my courage muscles! I have no doubt that I will learn something from this adventure. Chances are pretty high the learning will be valuable and the experience will be memorable.

So now you know! And I trust you’ll be available to hear how this all turns out and support me regardless of the outcome.

Peace, love and art,