Articles for August 2012

Runnin’ on Empty


The gas gauge on my Trailblazer is broken. It always reads empty – and every once in a while the alarm bell rings to remind me that the gauge still shows I’m running on empty. It occurred to me the other day that even though it is not working properly, every so often it is correct. If I have no gas, then the gauge is telling the truth.

I have recently discovered that my adrenal and immune systems are not working properly, either. The tricky part of this is that it took quite a bit of detective work and the willingness to take a really good look at some indicators of health that I was not even aware existed. It required that I spend time and money and energy on finding an expert, following through with his screening protocol and then tweaking an already really decent eating plan and exercise routine.

While I thought giving up sweet potato was going to be the hardest part of the new plan, I was wrong. The hardest part is being willing to back off my training. If you’re part of the CFW family you know how very difficult that can be. We all want the high that comes after a tough metcon or a new PR. We all want to go hard or go home. Trouble is, that doesn’t work for all of us all the time.

I’ve learned that adrenal and immune function takes a long time to heal. My consultant believes that we are looking at the result of damage done in the past 5-10 years or longer. It only makes sense that we’re looking at a long-term solution. I’ll need patience and perseverance.

My friend Amy likes to remind me to stay on my own team. I like that visual. Even though I am free to invite friends to cheer me on, it’s imperative that I be willing to do the same. Staying on my own team also requires an attitude of acceptance of what is currently true about my body and a dedication to learning to listen to the whispers of my body’s needs over the noise of everyday living that tries to drown them out.

Having the gas gauge repaired is optional. As long as I watch my trip odometer, I can bypass the need for a properly functioning gauge. Repairing my adrenal and immune function seems much more mandatory. I am grateful for the opportunity and capacity that exists for me to support my body in that healing process. Feel free to cheer me on.

Peace, Love and Healing,