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ChrisFit Waxahachie

Coaching is a profession of love.You can’t coach people

unless you love them. — Eddie Robinson

It’s no secret. I’m Chris’s favorite. He likes me the best. Totally.

Just kidding! Sort of. The thing is there’s something about Chris that lets each of us believe we are his favorite. When each of us makes our way into the box, we know that he has programmed with us in mind – the best version of us. As we make our way through the wod, he believes we can do it. He knows we can do it. He somehow gets us to believe we can do it. And we do it!

More importantly, when we make our way out of the box and into our regular life, he knows we can do that, too. He knows that the magic of what we do penetrates deeply within each of us – to our core; that transformation from the inside out allows us to move through our life with more purpose and energy and passion and commitment than ever before. He knows we can make a difference.

Chris, you make a difference. The gift that you have given to me by being you and by bringing out the best in me is more valuable and appreciated than my words can express. Thank you for sharing your passion for health and wellness and strength and perseverance and family and community and spirit. Thank you for creating a space in my world where I am uplifted and valued and encouraged and respected and applauded and loved. And where I can get my panties in a wod!

It’s no secret. Chris is my favorite. I like him the best. Totally.

Peace, Love, and More Love,



I recently had the opportunity to speak for a group of folks about eating for health! WOOHOO! I loved it. (Thanks, Chris, for the invite.) As I spent time working on what I wanted to communicate to my new health seeking friends, I put a few important dates down on paper. They represent how far I’ve come in the past 18 months. I think they’re worth sharing.

June 2009 –  Joined BFC Bootcamp. I was totally hooked on soy chai tea lattes from Starbucks and was convinced the only goal I was working towards was getting back in my size 8 pants. (What I won’t tell you is that I frequently drove through Starbucks on the way home from bootcamp to pick up my 2nd latte of the day and had an almond toffee bar to go with it! After all, I had just burned off all those calories, right?)

July 2009 – Almost quit BFC Bootcamp and had my first “Come to Jesus” meeting with Coach Chris after he surprised us one lovely summer evening with a weigh-in and one-mile run for time. Not fun!

August 2009 – Decided to accept that I really did weigh what Coach said I did, and that I better do something about it! Began listening as he talked about something called Paleo eating. He would say, “Paleo it up!” everytime I asked for nutrition advice. I began paying closer attention to what I was eating – especially interested in counting ingredients which quickly led to simply eating real food.

October 2009 – Added one personal training session per week with Coach Chris and began my “mother-of-the-groom training plan.” Paid a little more attention to Chris as he talked about Paleo.

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 – Stayed consistent with training and “Paleo + Dairy.” I loved the results I was getting and loved the confidence I was gaining as Chris taught me about lifting weights – not little pink dumbbells.

February 20, 2010 – Rocked my mother-of-the-groom dress!

Spring 2010 – Stayed consistent with training and “Paleo + Dairy.” I remember reading something Chris had given Amy describing a 30 day plan and thinking “I could never do something that strict!”

April/May 2010 – Found the Whole 9 website. I read the Whole 30 plan. (The same plan that Chris had given Amy earlier) and became completely convinced that I had to give it a go. I believed what Melissa Urban said when she wrote This. Will. Change. Your. Life.

May 2010 – Began workouts with Chris, Amy and Trisha.

May/June 2010 – Recruited Amy, Trisha, and Jenna and completed our first Whole 30. Blogged about it. Imagine that.

August 2010 – Competed as a team at the Texas Throwdown – CrossFit Competition. Converted Phillip from a bootcamper to a crossfitter.

September 2010 – Traveled to OKC and back one Sunday to attend a Foundations of Nutrition Workshop with Dallas and Melissa of Whole 9. Fell completely in love with their approach to eating and living well!

October 2010 – Phillip and I earned CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certifications! I’m pretty sure we left our comfort zone behind once and for all after that weekend!

October/November 2010 – Completed a 42 day challenge with several CFW folks including Phillip who had only weeks earlier been convinced that he could never give up bread and chips! Now you can’t get him to stop talking about Paleo.

November 2010 – Read The Paleo Solution and began to understand in more detail how food affects our bodies.

January 2011 – Attended a second workshop with Dallas and Melissa designed to help us help others fall in love with eating and living well! Declared myself CFW’s Food Evangelist!

January 2011 – Helped Coach Chris move CFW to our new box in historic downtown Waxahachie. This place is inspiring!

Results to date: About 25 pounds lost; Wearing a smaller size than I have ever worn – EVER!; Lifting heavy stuff and working out with intensity on a regular basis, enjoying new PRs from time to time. Absolutely loving life!

This. Has. Changed. My. Life!

Peace, Love and Milestones,


Focus Wisely

Focus is a good thing. Right? It’s one of the most important pieces of reaching any goal. Right?

Here’s the rub. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves so completely focused on our goal that we inadvertently miss out on little accomplishments along the way.

We can also miss out on obstacles that could easily have been avoided if we weren’t so intently focused. Then, WHAM, out of nowhere, we’re knocked off-balance and aren’t sure quite how to regain our equilibrium.

How do I know this to be true? The goose egg on my forehead told me so!

How did that happen? Glad you asked.

So I’m working on my squat wod. 5-5-5-5-5 And I decide I need some chalk for my grip. So I walk across the box, find the chalk and begin walking back towards my bar. I’m focused. Right? Right! I’m focused on finding that one small piece of chalk in the bucket that fits my hands just right. I’m so focused on that one task that I shut everything else out of my mind – and my line of sight. Until, WHAM, I run smack into someone else’s bar that was left on a squat rack from a previous wod. (It’s ok to laugh. I did. Phillip did. Everyone else in the box last night did, too.)

Focus is good. So is paying attention!

I just love it when life teaches me a lesson AND I get a blog post out of the experience as well!

Peace, Love and Goose Eggs!