Articles for October 2010

Eating well.


Day 20 of 42 on All Paleo All the Time!

This has really been fun! Phillip has joined me on the Paleo adventure. and he’s seeing fabulous results. Who knew Superman could get any super-er?

I have folks at work asking for my support. Can you believe that? They’re asking me to talk to them about eating well! They don’t know I LOVE to talk about this stuff!! I’ll have to watch for signs of them zoning out on me as I drone on and on about insulin and glucogan and Omega 3 vs Omega 6… Maybe I’ll stick with the basics for now.

My practice talk:

Eat high quality lean meats. Lots of veggies. Some fruit. Nuts and seeds. High quality fats. (Details here.)

Heal your relationship with food!


Be amazed and astonished at what your body wants to do for you!


Peace, love and spreading the word!


In a word –

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Check!

I did enough scary things this weekend to last me for quite some time. Phillip asked me what my favorite part of the weekend was. Hard question! It was all amazing. And scary. And fun. And intense. And energizing. And exhausting. And humbling. And empowering.

One of my favorite experiences was the pull-up clinic. Did I get a pull-up? Not even close! Did I expand the margins of my experience? You bet I did! Did I learn something? Heck to the yea! Did I workout next to 66 other CrossFitters – 64 of whom are younger than me by years? Yep! Did I surprise a few folks by hanging tough through FRAN? I sure did! Did I do it all while staying comfortable in my own skin (which is noticeably different than just staying comfortable)? YES!!!

Therein lies the miracle and magic of CrossFit!

Let’s do it again tomorrow!!

Peace, Love and Pull-Ups!


Me? a trainer? are you serious?

“I am overwhelmed by the grace and persistence of my people.” Maya Angelou

Maya likely was not referring to her BFC/CFW peeps in this quote. 🙂 But it so fits! This time next week Phillip and I will have completed our CrossFit Level 1 Certification course. The possibility of that being true is completely surreal to me.

See, I know all about the non-athletic, uncoordinated, overweight, disconnected-from-her-body Jeanye of years past. She sneaks out and lets her opinion of me be known from time to time. I have no doubt she has postive intentions. She doesn’t want me to get hurt, or embarrassed, or to impose myself somewhere I don’t belong. Really, she means well. And for that, I thank her.

However, the new me – the me Jenna calls “a bad ass mad dog Crossfitter” (my mom would never let me say that!) – has signed up (and paid big bucks) for this certification and plans on getting all she can from it! Isn’t that amazing and exciting?

What’s most amazing and exciting to me is this: If Jeanye Mercer can find her inner athlete, YOU CAN, TOO! I would never have done it, though, without the grace and persistence of MY people. And that  includes ALL my people, some who CrossFit and some who don’t. I am blessed beyond abundance with family and friends (and freaks) and coworkers and students who add so much to my days. I am loved. I am loving life!

And I’m gonna be a bad ass mad dog CrossFit Trainer! (Sorry for the language, Mom.)

Peace, Love and CrossFit Certs!

Jeanye aka Mad Dog

For me those are exciting words – full of possibility. Words which most assuredly move me towards something more positive than what I am currently experiencing. Those very words motivated me a few months ago to change the way I eat. What a fun adventure that has become!

I’ve discovered, however, that for many folks those words are just plain scary! Tonight I enjoyed an evening spent with a group of ten courageous folks who are committing for the next six weeks to try something new. Something that has great potential to change their lives for the better. These folks are part of BFC Bootcamp‘s Lean Turkey Challenge.

You’re in good hands. Chris and Amy will take good care of you. But the work and the reward will be yours! I applaud each and every one of you for taking that step of faith – faith in yourself, faith in the process of health and wellness, and faith in the possibility that

Go forth and be lean, Turkeys!


Pantry Purge

This is SO exciting! Superman (aka the best husband on the planet) is on the Paleo Wagon. Therefore, we have purged the pantry (and, yes, the chip drawer!) of all things non paleo. There wasn’t much in there that we ate, really. But we continued to have this collection of dead food just lying about taking up space. No more! Whew! I feel lighter already!

And did I mention how excited I am to have Phillip on board? I don’t know how many times today he said, “OK. Let’s talk Paleo.” Music to my ears.

Remember: The family that Paleos together stayleos together!

Peace, Love and Superman!


No Weigh!

Exercise is important; but diet is critical. At least that’s what Robb Wolf says in his book The Paleo Solution. I believe it to be so.

Not unlike many American women, I have struggled for what seems like a lifetime with body image issues. My earliest memory of not liking the skin I was in is from a time when I was 6 years old. It makes me sad to remember that, and sad for that little girl that instead of enjoying back to school shopping, she was embarrassed to “be” a size 6X. If only I had coded that in my sweet little brain differently. Wearing a size 6X and being a size 6X are two entirely different things.

I am thankful that as an adult I have – to a great degree – learned to accept myself – body and all – and have become comfortable in my own skin. It’s definitely a process that continues to unfold.

Today several friends and I have begun a Lean Turkey Challenge. For me that consists of eating squeaky clean for 42 consecutive days. I will eat only meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Why in the world would I do that? Believe it or not, for fun! My own nutrition evolution has brought me to the point where this is the norm for me on a regular basis, although I’ll have a few splurges from time to time. But for the next 6 weeks I’m challenging myself, encouraging myself, and applauding myself for cleaning up my act and taking charge of my health and well-being.

Well-being. I like that. Being well.

Be well,